Insights into China’s Biggest Made to Measure Suits Factory

Kutesmart is the first garment factory in the global textile industry to realize intelligence. Over 20 million human body data accumulated over the past decade has formed a large database that can automatically match 1,000 trillion designs and 100 trillion styles. The pattern making, which originally took two or three days to complete, now takes only 7 seconds. Under the dispatch of the intelligent production scheduling system, workers can complete the production of 4,000 sets of custom-made garments daily according to the instructions of the electronic labeling system. The production efficiency is 100 times that of the past.

What drives change is data. Thousands of data that you can’t see with your eyes. Every order enters the computer system through the network. It generates an independent information code, and this code will guide the workers in the production process. More than 300 production processes are the same, but the materials and manufacturing methods used in the processes are completely different. And this code can accurately tell workers how to operate.

Skilled workers, exquisite fabrics, intelligent machinery and equipment, our manufacturing is completely different. We can now use data to drive large flow operations to create personalized suits.

Every suit we produce is completely different. We can produce thousands of different suits on the same assembly line, such as men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, and we can all produce them on one assembly line.

The suits are still passed on the assembly line, but with the network and the data accumulated over the past decade and more, Kutesmart has no longer produced suits in batches. We can meet the personalized customization information submitted by 99.9% of users worldwide. The production cycle of each suit only takes one week, and at the same time there is no inventory, we are no longer the original assembly line.

New manufacturing methods have come, more and more devices are connected to the Internet, which makes manufacturing more and more different. Now, Kutesmart has experienced a revolution, from high speed to high quality, from OEM to self-innovation, from simple repetition to intelligent manufacturing, which will surely benefit consumers all over the world.